Re-Viva-Vision: Night Will Fall

Important note: contains graphic images.  This is the third instalment on a series of miniature essays I am writing to explore documentaries related to my research in preparation for my viva. As such, I am watching a documentary a day and responding to them in some capacity. I have exposed myself on a number of […]

Re-Viva-Vision: Harmontown

This is the second post in a series of blogs I am doing in preparation for my Viva. The aim is to watch at least one documentary a day and respond with some considerations. Stretch the mind, stretch my horizons. You are invited to join my thoughts. In contrast to yesterday’s post this film is a […]

Alternative Wordbook < Typos

Now clearly this is a complex text. We all know that is makes no sense. Most of the words are made up, and the other words are mere padding to make these new entities palatable. However, there are some typos. If you find one that isn’t on here, please email with any that you […]

Alex Kealy & Friends (Fringe 2015)

Design by Richard Hanrahan Photographs by Edward Moore Client Alex Kealy Date July 2015 Specs: Print (A6 Flyers, A3 Posters) Alex had a very deliberate vision in mind when he approached me with his brief – the beautiful photographs by Edward Moore were to be arranged so that his head was split, but needed to ensure the rest […]

What is a woman?

In this age of non-binary genders, with questions surrounding sexualities and the right of all people to be well and truly respected and understood asked at all times of the day, I had to ask myself, “what even is a woman?” Well, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, a woman “are a kind of pigeon-people, small, […]

Video: Secret Santa

You know what it’s like, having Christmas at the office. Well – this is what happens when we did Secret Santa at the Me3 Comedy offices.

Video: Dinner

Hungry for some more videos are we? I bet you are. Here’s one now – it’s called “Dinner”. Bon-appetit!

Video: Delivery

This week’s Me3 Comedy offering is delivery themed. Called: “Delivery”. Enjoy!