EdFringe 2014: Sriskanthrahan

I will be playing, most days, at an event called “Sriskanthrahan” at the Globe Bar on Niddry Street. The poster for the show is something like this:   However, I am a bit ill and will be trying to squeeze out a Phd by the end of the month, so there’s every chance that I may […]

VCR Diaries Day 3

Year? 2003. Label “Resevoir Dogs (√) Animatrix (√) /rest is free” (i had ticked these for some reason, not as is written here, put square root signs next to my words”. Potential Funny rating of this blog post: -1 The project is now a thing in my mind, a thing I must do. And it’s […]

Old Media Embarassing Themselves

Just this week I had a phenomenal realisation – when searching for something to watch, whether inebriated by drink or by boredom, when was the last time I looked to my own DVD collection for visual sustenance? I couldn’t remember – admittedly, there are a number of things I still hold dear, but even now […]

VCR Diaries – Tape 2

Label: “Weekend 2 (not finished). Probably Recorded circa 2004? Intentional Funny Rating of this blog: 1/5. Contents: Vicar of Dibley analysis on the BBC’s “Best British Sitcom” hosted by Jonathon Ross and (fighting for dibley…) Carol Vorderman. Interviews with the cast and creative team behind the show, including intertile sequences with shit little puns like “more […]

We Are The Future

Funny rating of blog post – about a 1/5. It begins: I’ve quit Facebook and Twitter – which has left a gaping hole in my life. I mean, what the hell are you supposed to do to avoid working now?! It’s bullshit is what it is. I feel a lot better though, obviously, but one […]

Typos and Corrections

Now clearly this is a complex text. We all know that is makes no sense. Most of the words are made up, and the other words are mere padding to make these new entities palatable. However, there are some typos. If you find one that isn’t on here, please email books@akatemika.org with any that you […]

Alternative Wordbook

If you cannot find a copy of this file in a format you enjoy, please feel free to convert and share this. If you do make a copy to a new format, please feel free to e-mail it to me and I will put it up here so that people have extra ways of accessing […]

EdFringe 2013: What to See

Usually I make promises to a ton of friends about going to see their shows and then failing to see any of them. This year, I have no show and thus no excuse not to see them. Here is the list of shows that I would recommend, either based on what I’d heard or on […]


The Alternative Wordbook is ready to download in a number of formats. The e-book is available for free and is distributed under a creative commons licence, but please consider donating to the project by using the widget on the side. Current Version: Kickstarter Edition 1.1 Pdf – suitable for desktop applications and browsers E-pub – suitable for most e-book […]