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Now clearly this is a complex text. We all know that is makes no sense. Most of the words are made up, and the other words are mere padding to make these new entities palatable. However, there are some typos. If you find one that isn’t on here, please email books@akatemika.org with any that you find so that they can be remedied on here for future editions – and apologies for not finding them before going to print!

Version 1.01 – 1st Edition

Notes from the Author, p. 9 (ish) – “well0threaded”. Should be “well-threaded”

Prebook, p. 11 – “ignoring”. Should be “ignoreance” (hence the footnote)

Prebook, p. 12 – “achievment”. Should be “achievement”

Perceived but Intentional errors – **warning may be spoilers**.

This is a list of things people found in the book which appear to be errors but which are in fact intentional, to be funny or whatever.

Knotice – see the essay for “k”.

More as and when I remember them.

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