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What is a woman?

In this age of non-binary genders, with questions surrounding sexualities and the right of all people to be well and truly respected and understood asked at all times of the day, I had to ask myself, “what even is a woman?” Well, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, a woman “are a kind of pigeon-people, small, […]

EdFringe 2014: Sriskanthrahan

I will be playing, most days, at an event called “Sriskanthrahan” at the Globe Bar on Niddry Street. The poster for the show is something like this: However, I am a bit ill and will be trying to squeeze out a Phd by the end of the month, so there’s every chance that I may not […]

EdFringe 2013: What to See

Usually I make promises to a ton of friends about going to see their shows and then failing to see any of them. This year, I have no show and thus no excuse not to see them. Here is the list of shows that I would recommend, either based on what I’d heard or on […]

Video: Bob Doolally

So after a few weeks we’ve finally gotten round to having a few episodes of a thing we’ve been working on with Bob Doolally (Paul Sneddon’s brilliant character from the world of football). It won’t be to everyone’s tastes, but I hope you enjoy it!

Dear commercial TV Executives   We, the people, are sick of your turning up the adverts between TV shows. Me and a thousand people (estimate) at Wet Paint Comedy last night decided enough is enough, and made this video. Signed, The People:


So I’ve launched a kickstarter for my debut book (a new dictionary of words that don’t exist yet) and rather wonderfully, it got funded in a few hours! So I’ve made some stretch goals so to really get some cash behind it and make it as beautiful and wonderful an object as I can afford. […]