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Re-Viva-Vision: Night Will Fall

Important note: contains graphic images.¬† This is the third instalment on a series of miniature essays I am writing to explore documentaries related to my research in preparation for my viva. As such, I am watching a documentary a day and responding to them in some capacity. I have exposed myself on a number of […]

Re-Viva-Vision: Harmontown

This is the second post in a series of blogs I am doing in preparation for my Viva. The aim is to watch at least one documentary a day and respond with some considerations. Stretch the mind, stretch my horizons. You are invited to join my thoughts. In contrast to yesterday’s post¬†this film is a […]

An open e-mail to my friends. Please Respond.

Thanks for coming, please sit down – tea? coffee? biscuit? I can offer you none of these, but by all means sort one out for yourself. Me, my phd and I So – onto business! I am currently making a documentary as part of my phd and people keep on asking what the hell it […]