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Video: Secret Santa

You know what it’s like, having Christmas at the office. Well – this is what happens when we did Secret Santa at the Me3 Comedy offices.

Video: Dinner

Hungry for some more videos are we? I bet you are. Here’s one now – it’s called “Dinner”. Bon-appetit!

Video: Delivery

This week’s Me3 Comedy offering is delivery themed. Called: “Delivery”. Enjoy!

Video: Bob Doolally

So after a few weeks we’ve finally gotten round to having a few episodes of a thing we’ve been working on with Bob Doolally (Paul Sneddon’s brilliant character from the world of football). It won’t be to everyone’s tastes, but I hope you enjoy it!

Dear commercial TV Executives   We, the people, are sick of your turning up the adverts between TV shows. Me and a thousand people (estimate) at Wet Paint Comedy last night decided enough is enough, and made this video. Signed, The People:

Just Vloggin’

I’ve started to vlog over on my youtube channel. It’s not really serious, it’s mostly so I have a large bank of material to work with when I come to edit my documentary, and even if I use none of it (highly likely) I will be sharper with filming and editing by then. Until then, […]

Brave pt 2 – “La Luna”, and a simple question

The really wonderful thing about any new Pixar release is the now obligatory short film screened before the main show; never a chore, these shorts are often thought provoking and beautiful, and never outstay their welcome. For Brave, that short is La Luna, and unlike many previous shorts, it doesn’t have a stylistic gimmick – […]