Alex Kealy & Friends (Fringe 2015)

AK - Flyer (A5) Design by Richard Hanrahan

Photographs by Edward Moore

Client Alex Kealy

Date July 2015

Specs: Print (A6 Flyers, A3 Posters)

Alex had a very deliberate vision in mind when he approached me with his brief – the beautiful photographs by Edward Moore were to be arranged so that his head was split, but needed to ensure the rest of the design, and this implementation, were as professional as possible. From here we developed a design strategy where precision was hugely important – as not only could the posters be arranged side-by-side to repeat his face, but the flyers too could be placed as part of this jigsaw.

Next to this the branding required finesse. It had to look smart and professional, which was, hopefully, achieved. This included a lot of work on specific elements, from font down to the shape of the stars in his reviews.

Alex Kealy: “What would you like me to say? Design is exactly as I would have hoped; Richard genuinely took on board the loose words, and created from them something that I wanted to see but could not articulate. He completely understood what I wanted out of the design, and was even able to provide a complete set of templates for various social media”

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