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“Delightful… a sharp way with language” Chortle

‘The best act of the evening…Richard Hanrahan’s wordy material was witty, genuinely funny and slicker than a greased weasel. On a good bill Hanrahan stood out as being the only performer who… you could believe had the capacity to make a living in this fickle business’ Edinburgh Evening News

‘a decent range of comic ideas, and the versatility to pull them off… genuinely laugh-out-loud funny’ Scotsgay

“Very good indeed… could hold his own against many of the big comedy names” **** ThreeWeeks, 2011

‘Slick… Original, Intelligent Humour’ Threeweeks

‘high energy enthusiasm’ The List

‘the evening’s first highlight… Hanrahan’s assured deliver served to steady the ship on the rare occasion where his bright material threatened to dive into the proverbial rabbit hole.’ Edinburgh Evening News

‘undiscovered talent at its best’ FreeComedy.co.uk

‘a wordsmith with real panache… [and] a polished performance’ TVBOMB.com

‘a proper adult who looks like a bearded hamster’ Broadway Baby

Hitch and Mitch

‘a charmingly left-field hit… a dose of Vic and Bob’ **** The Skinny 2011

‘sublimely surreal brilliance’ : : ‘destined either for stratospheric success or abject failure, but nothing in between’ ThreeWeeks 2012

‘against all odds (and they do try to stack these up), it’s terrific. Terrible, but terrific…’ : : ‘…reminiscent of Fist of Fun-era Lee and Herring’ : : ‘very, very good fun’ The Skinny 2012

‘surprisingly entertaining’ : : ‘made the audience laugh, perhaps against their will… everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves’ Broadway Baby (I include these perhaps unflattering opinions because the reviewer is clearly struggling with something and I never want to forget or lose sight of her awkwardness)

Jimmy Whobblers

‘first rate character comedy’ **** The Skinny