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Re-Viva-Vision: Night Will Fall

Important note: contains graphic images.¬† This is the third instalment on a series of miniature essays I am writing to explore documentaries related to my research in preparation for my viva. As such, I am watching a documentary a day and responding to them in some capacity. I have exposed myself on a number of […]

Re-Viva-Vision: Harmontown

This is the second post in a series of blogs I am doing in preparation for my Viva. The aim is to watch at least one documentary a day and respond with some considerations. Stretch the mind, stretch my horizons. You are invited to join my thoughts. In contrast to yesterday’s post¬†this film is a […]

Just Vloggin’

I’ve started to vlog over on my youtube channel. It’s not really serious, it’s mostly so I have a large bank of material to work with when I come to edit my documentary, and even if I use none of it (highly likely) I will be sharper with filming and editing by then. Until then, […]

Dreams Of A Life

Since the advent of television, documentary has become this fascinating mainstay of critical journalism, or the exporation of murder and history in shows that disguise perversion behind intrigue and learning. “Dreams of a Life” is a documentary whose premise could so easily be read alongside “Nazi Doctor Murders” in TV guides across the land. It […]