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Alex Kealy & Friends (Fringe 2015)

Design by Richard Hanrahan Photographs by Edward Moore Client Alex Kealy Date July 2015 Specs: Print (A6 Flyers, A3 Posters) Alex had a very deliberate vision in mind when he approached me with his brief – the beautiful photographs by Edward Moore were to be arranged so that his head was split, but needed to ensure the rest […]

Sriskanthrahan – Stand-Up (Fringe, 2014)

Design by Richard Hanrahan Photographs by Richard Hanrahan Client Personal Date 2014 Specs: Print (A6 Flyers, A3 Posters) Sriskanthrahan – the amalgamation of two of comedy’s most unfortunate surnames from Hari Sriskantha and Richard Hanrahan – was a creative attempt to stand-out in a festival over-saturated by shows with two acts sharing a bill. The intention was to […]

Mickey Anderson – Unlocks the Key To Human Happiness (Fringe 2011)

Design by Richard Hanrahan Photograhy by Colette Osgun Client Mickey Anderson Date 2012 Specs: Print (A6, A3 Posters) Mickeys fringe show, I knew from previews, was going to be something special, and having worked meticulously on the art design for his slideshow, we needed the publicity material to be equally suited. Classy, clever and a QR code.