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Alex Kealy & Friends (Fringe 2015)

Design by Richard Hanrahan Photographs by Edward Moore Client Alex Kealy Date July 2015 Specs: Print (A6 Flyers, A3 Posters) Alex had a very deliberate vision in mind when he approached me with his brief – the beautiful photographs by Edward Moore were to be arranged so that his head was split, but needed to ensure the rest […]

We’ve Become Mango – Various (2013-2014)

Design by Richard Hanrahan Photography We’ve Become Mango Client We’ve Become Mango Date 2014 Specs: Print (A6 & A5 Flyers, A3 & A2 Posters) Working with We’ve Become Mango was always a lot of fun; in particular their most recent Fringe venture “Wish You Weren’t Here” produced a fantastic piece of work. However, this was a huge undertaking for […]

Sriskanthrahan – Stand-Up (Fringe, 2014)

Design by Richard Hanrahan Photographs by Richard Hanrahan Client Personal Date 2014 Specs: Print (A6 Flyers, A3 Posters) Sriskanthrahan – the amalgamation of two of comedy’s most unfortunate surnames from Hari Sriskantha and Richard Hanrahan – was a creative attempt to stand-out in a festival over-saturated by shows with two acts sharing a bill. The intention was to […]

Philip O’Shea – Stand-Up (Fringe 2013)

Design by Richard Hanrahan Illustrations by Philip O’Shea Client Philip O’Shea Date 2013 Specs: Print (A6, A3 Posters) I tend to work with Phil once a year, and each year he sends me the most incredible drawings with which I try to put together something which captures his unique artistry. One of the best comedians I know, […]

Edinburgh Revue – Fringe Shows (2013)

Design by Richard Hanrahan Photography by Dow Bower Client Edinburgh Revue Date July 2012 Specs: Print (A6 Flyers, A3 Posters) This design was an intentional update of the successful work made the year previous; the colour scheme was updated slightly in hue, to make it fresher and more lively; once again, the single flyer with the other […]

Politigiggle – Political Comedy Night (2012)

Design by Richard Hanrahan Date 2012 Specs: Print (A6, A3 Posters) Comedy night which focused on political comedy, but only “taking a small p out of the news”. Satire 2.0 if you will – crowdsourced and for th emasses. The publicity was not only for the comedy night but to get people interested in writing and […]

Edinburgh Revue – Stand Up Champion (2012)

Design by Richard Hanrahan Client Edinburgh Revue Date 2012 Specs: Print (A6 & A5 Flyers, A3 & A2 Posters) Working with the now established Edinburgh Revue orange, this work tried to create a long-standing brand for the Edinburgh Stand-Up Champion event, which was fast becoming a hugely popular annual do.